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Mr.Trance seleccionado en Cartoon Forum 2011

Mr. Trance was one of 66 projects selected from throughout Europe. It was categorized as a “highlight” by the organizing committee, after a successful presentation by its creator and producer Valerio Veneras, who along with David Matamoros managed to fill the hall and arouse the interest of numerous European television channels and investors.

Cartoon Forum, the European forum for animation series, celebrated its 12th edition this past 16th of September, 2011 in Sopot, Poland. With 11 Spanish projects out of 66 European projects selected,  Spanish presence doubled from 2010, giving a new direction to its internationalization and the conquering of new audiences.

This new generation of Spanish animated series was presented to more than 700 industry professionals, including producers, distributors, investors, and television channels from across Europe.

Cartoon Forum has highlighted, “the large amount of young producers that have been selected from Spain.” Some of them, like Ink Apache, Stor Fisk, or Enne, were presented for the second time at the forum, while others were presented for the first time, as was the the case of Sergio Cabrera y asociados-El Recreo Studio, with the Project “Mr. Trance”.

This also demonstrates “symptoms that confirm the internationalization of Spanish animation”, not only in formatting, including graphic styling, but also the emphasis on co-production, among other things.

Moreover, around 25 Spanish companies (television channels, distributors, and producers, which attended without projects) were present at the event.

The organizing committee of this important event has shown that “the emphasis on multiplatform content continues to grow, with more than one third of the projects conceived simultaneously for television and other platforms such as internet, mobile phones, video consoles or tablets.”

France continues to lead the event with 21 selected projects, followed by the UK and Spain with 14 and 11 projects respectively. Co-production between European countries cotinues to grow as a formula for financing animated series (30% of the projects).